Управителен съвет

A body of three members who are elected by the Board of Trustees.

The Managing Board:
1. implements the decisions of the Board of Trustees;
2. develops the annual budget and the annual financial report;
3. develops and approves the structure of the experts of the Foundations;
4. decides on the acquisition and expropriation of property rights over immovable and other assets which are under special legal regimes for acquisition and expropriation of rights;
5. develops the structure and responsibilities of the technical assistants on President’s proposition;
6. determines the internal rules and organizes the activities of the Foundation;
7. determines the address of the office of the Foundation;
8. elects the President from among its members;
9. develops drafts proposals for amendment and supplementation of the Articles of Association;
10. implements other obligations envisaged in the Articles of Establishment;
11. decides on all issues which are not exclusively vested in the Board of Trustees.


President - Ass. Prof. Iva Pushkarova, PhD, since May 2011


Team Management and Public Relations (Deputy-President) - Petya Popova, since May 2011


Management of administrative activities:

  1. Ivo Emanuilov, May 2011 - June 2012
  2. Hristo Hristev, PhD, June 2012 - October 2013
  3. Viktor Modev, since October 2013